In the event of an emergency, ensuring effective collaboration between our personnel and response agencies is a must.

We recently conducted fire response and structural protection training at our Jasper Pump Station. Training focused on the plans and equipment we have in place to protect our pipeline facilities from wildfire. Our personnel were joined by representatives from Parks Canada and Jasper Fire Department for this two-day event.

The training focused on outlining structural protection strategy and tactics for participants using our Structural Protection Unit (SPU). The SPU is one type of equipment we recently added to our inventory to enhance our wildfire response. Additional activities included conducting a tabletop exercise and educating participants about our Geographic Response Plans and Wildfire Emergency Preparedness Plans for Jasper National Park.

Feedback from participants was that the training was beneficial as it allowed for the fostering of inter-agency cooperation. The training also provided the participating organizations the opportunity to learn more about each other and what the roles and responsibilities of each would be should an emergency occur.