SA Energy Group is the general contractor for portions of pipeline construction in Greater Edmonton (Spread 1), a portion of the North Thompson region (Spread 4B) and the Fraser Valley (Spread 6). The Group, which has substantial experience with large diameter pipeline construction, is an active member of the Pipeline Contractors Association of Canada.

What is SA Energy Group?

SA Energy Group is a 50/50 General Partnership between Robert B. Somerville Co. Ltd. and Aecon Utilities, a division of Aecon Construction Group Inc. Prior to formalizing the General Partnership in April 2017, the companies operated under a formal agreement as Somerville Aecon Joint Venture (SAJV).

Between 2012 and 2017, SAJV successfully constructed more than 1,000 kilometres of large diameter pipeline for a variety of clients in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. All projects were completed on schedule and without environmental incident, with excellent safety and quality performance. 

What’s the Group’s process for hiring the construction crews and related workers who will be building the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

SA Energy Group is a unionized pipeline construction contractor and an active member of the Pipeline Contractors Association of Canada. We will engage our union partners (International Union of Operating Engineers, United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry, International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Labourers International Union of North America) to provide qualified and competent labour for the Project. 

SA Energy Group and our union partners value the importance of a trained and competent workforce, embracing our responsibility as a local partner. We are committed to maximizing participation of affected local and Indigenous groups on Spread 6 of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. SA Energy Group will actively recruit individuals from all affected local and Indigenous communities through job postings, open houses and job fairs. We have the full support and commitment of our union partners to maximize Indigenous and local employment on the Project and have a well-defined process for employing indigenous and local workers and businesses regardless of union affiliation.

SA Energy Group has significant experience implementing socio-economic benefit strategies for local and Indigenous communities in BC and across Canada. It is committed to consultation, accommodation, optimizing economic benefits, maximizing the employment of local labour and resources, and using local sub-contractors wherever possible.

What are the Group’s highest priorities?

At SA Energy Group, we believe in “Excellence Together” and we are committed to working with all Project stakeholders to provide optimum value and successfully deliver Spread 6.

Our highest priorities are safety, quality, environmental protection and stakeholder engagement. We have a proven track record and work collaboratively with our clients, stakeholders, employees and executives to drive an extraordinary culture and deliver outstanding performance. Our mantras are “Home Safe Every Day” and “Right The First Time, Every Time”. 

What about protecting the environment? 

SA Energy Group is committed to delivering industry-leading environmental performance and compliance. We employ third-party personnel with expertise and understanding of local requirements, community concerns and local regulator needs. We partner with our clients and stakeholders to ensure industry-leading performance. We have extensive experience developing and implementing biosecurity management and groundwater management programs.