WorleyParsons brings decades of experience in Canada and internationally to its role as provider of construction management and inspection in support of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP).

Tell us about WorleyParsons’ history

Globally, WorleyParsons began with the establishment in 1976 of Wolohan Grill and Partners, a small Australian engineering consultancy. The firm steadily expanded; in the 2000s, acquiring several Canadian companies including Colt Engineering/Cord Construction, a leader in engineering and construction, and Komex, a leader in the environmental field. These two companies were formed in the late 1970s, and had strong track records in the delivery of oil and gas and environmental projects in Western Canada. WorleyParsons has continued to grow, leveraging the strengths of the legacy companies both locally and globally, driving towards our vision of being the preferred global provider of technical, project and operations services to our clients.

How familiar is WorleyParsons with pipeline and/or terminal construction?

WorleyParsons has extensive experience in the design and construction of pipelines, facilities and terminals in Western Canada. We have been involved in projects totalling more than 100,000 kilometres of gas and liquid pipelines up to 56 inches in diameter. This includes all aspects of these projects —design, geomatics, integrity, environmental, social, regulatory and construction.

What work will you perform for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

WorleyParsons will provide skilled personnel and systems and tools to Trans Mountain as a part of the integrated construction monitoring and inspection team for the pipeline expansion. WorleyParsons will support environmental inspection for spreads 1 to 6 for TMEP. The primary responsibility of the environmental inspection team is to monitor and verify the work of the general construction contractors (GCCs). The environmental team will work closely with the compliance team in implementing the Environmental Compliance Program and Environmental Compliance Plan to ensure environmental approvals and permits for construction are acquired and environmental conditions and commitments are met. WorleyParsons will support the Aboriginal monitors integrated within the environmental inspection team during construction of TMEP. The environmental team also includes the co-ordination of resource specialists to assist where specific environmental expertise is required. Disciplines such as fisheries, wildlife, water quality, rare plants and heritage resources have been identified.

Could you talk a bit more about construction monitoring, who is qualified to do it and the kinds of skills required for the job?

The construction monitoring and inspection services will focus on the pipeline construction in the following key areas:

  • Environmental monitoring and compliance as previously described
  • Safety monitoring to ensure compliance with all safety regulations and the TMEP Health and Safety Management Plan
  • Quality assurance to confirm the adherence to the NEB regulations, local regulations, TMEP specifications and engineered drawings. Only pipeline inspectors with API 1169 certification and multiple years of experience will be eligible for these roles.
  • Monitoring and confirmation of all labour, equipment and materials (LEMs) provided by the GCCs during construction
  • Monitoring and confirmation of the construction schedule and progress along the right-of-way for each crew by the various GCCs on a daily basis   

Tell us about WorleyParsons’ core company values

Our core values are:


  • Energy and excitement 
  • Integrity in all aspects of business
  • Minimum bureaucracy
  • Committed, empowered and technically-capable people
  • Delivering profitable sustainability


  • Open and respectful
  • A trusted supplier, partner and customer
  • Collaborative approach to business
  • Willing to challenge and innovate
  • Seeking enduring customer relationships


  • Smallest assignment to world-scale developments
  • Comprehensive geographic presence
  • Global expertise delivered locally
  • Responsive to customer preferences
  • Optimum customized solutions


  • Industry leadership in health, safety and environmental performance
  • Delivering on our promises
  • People accountable and rewarded for performance
  • Innovation delivering value for our customers
  • Creating sustainable value for our shareholders

Tell us about WorleyParsons’ commitments to worker and public safety and environmental protection

WorleyParsons is committed to achieving its vision of zero harm to people and assets, and zero environmental incidents. OneWay, our enterprise-wide integrity framework, establishes the corporate expectations for progressing us towards this zero-harm vision and it applies to all our people, contractors, products and services. Our policy is to consult and seek contributions from our people on issues with the potential to affect the environment and their health and safety.

WorleyParsons also is involved, through WorleyParsonsCord, in project construction for TMEP. How does your role as a Construction Monitor differ? Is there any overlap of responsibilities? 

WorleyParsonsCord is executing work at the Edmonton Terminal and pump stations as the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor to TMEP. Our primary role will be to execute the construction of the Edmonton Terminal facilities and pump stations, while ensuring we’re in compliance with all laws, regulations, environmental approvals and permits for construction. This work has another independent construction monitoring and inspection team overseeing the construction and those services are being provided by Stantec.