Workers are on the ground this summer in the Yellowhead County, Alberta region to prepare the Trans Mountain Expansion Project right-of-way for the arrival of pipeline construction crews in spring 2019.

They are engaging in a wide range of activities to prepare this section of the right-of-way for pipeline construction. Their work — activities such as surveying, tree clearing and wildlife mitigation — began in August 2018 and is scheduled to continue in phases through March 2019.

The first phase of construction preparation, running from August – December 2018, starts 12 km west of Edson and continues west toward Hinton. A second, more extensive phase scheduled for November 2018 – March 2019 encompasses 289 km of TMEP right-of-way extending between Acheson and 15 km west of Hinton.

Construction preparation crews will be carrying out a variety of works. These include:

  • Consulting with Alberta One Call to locate and mark all underground infrastructure along this section of Project right-of-way
  • Surveying
  • Flagging and staking the right-of-way and any temporary workspace required for construction
  • Installation of signage
  • Implementation of environmental mitigation measures outlined in environmental protection plans. Environmental inspectors will be on-site to monitor and enforce a wide range of activities such as:
    • General and site-specific wildlife mitigation measures (e.g., wildlife salvages, fencing, wildlife sweeps and surveys, where necessary)
    • Mitigation procedures for vegetation, weed, riparian and wetland areas (e.g., relocation of rare plants or weed control measures)
    • Soil, heritage resources and other discoveries may be made by crews in the field and referred to specialists for handling
  • Clearing trees and vegetation from pre-approved areas essential for construction
  • Burning unsalvageable timber such as branches, tree limbs or shrubs left behind from clearing
  • Positive identification of underground infrastructure via hydrovacing

In proximity to worksites the public may notice:

  • Increased activity and intermittent construction-type noise
  • Odours related to clearing activities such as burning
  • Intermittent, temporary traffic delays in order to move equipment in and out of worksites
  • Signage where Project activities take place near recreation areas

Measures are in place to minimize impacts of these activities to the public and the environment. We will comply with applicable municipal bylaws and will work as quickly as possible to complete this work with minimal disruption. Trans Mountain has comprehensive safety and emergency response plans to make sure we’re protecting the public, the environment and our employees.

We appreciate your patience as we work to minimize any disruptions or inconvenience associated with Project activities.