Trans Mountain is committed to being a good neighbour with a goal of minimizing disruption to residents. In Surrey, for example, we’re staying connected with residents of Fraser Heights as route planning for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project proceeds. Feedback from Fraser Heights residents has influenced planning for the route.

We are targeting a projected in-service date of December 2020 and looking for ways to accelerate and optimize the construction schedule along the right-of-way. As part of this work, we are reassessing our construction timeline in Surrey and planning additional geotechnical investigations that may include site visits, excavation and drilling bore holes.

Residents in the vicinity of the geotechnical investigation activity will receive advance notice of this work. Trans Mountain will continue to update the community on routing and construction plans as they take shape and decisions are made.

Here are some examples of the work we’re planning, as well as actions we will take to minimize construction impacts.

Pipeline installation

Construction in Surrey is planned to commence in late 2018 after the migratory bird nesting window for tree clearing. Construction involves installation of 11.5 kilometres of new 36-inch pipe by a combination of trenched and trenchless methods. Some of the installation will take place north of the Fraser Heights residential area.

Trenched installation occurs at ground level, digging a trench and setting pipe before backfilling and restoring the ground surface.

Trenchless methods eliminate surface disturbance except at entry and exit points for a drilling or boring operation. For example, Trans Mountain and its contractors will use underground boring equipment to install pipe beneath all major road crossings in Surrey. Another trenchless method, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), will be used for some sections across the Fraser Heights slope and wetlands and a crossing beneath the Fraser River between Surrey and Coquitlam.

Determining routing

Routing in Surrey was developed to avoid congested residential neighbourhoods and urban infill around the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline, and to avoid disruption through high-density residential areas that would be newly impacted by the Project. Based on environmental and engineering studies and stakeholders’ input, the preferred routing is along the South Fraser Perimeter Road to avoid Surrey Bend Regional Park and avoid routing directly through residential neighbourhoods.

Minimizing local impacts

The temporary workspace required for construction in Surrey is typically a 25-metre-wide strip located within the 150-metre-wide NEB-approved corridor. Tree removal will be required within the 28-metre temporary workspace.

Trans Mountain’s typical pipeline right-of-way is 18 metres wide. However, recognizing the value placed on green space in urban communities, the permanent right-of-way for the new pipeline in Surrey will be reduced from 18 metres to 10 metres in trenched construction areas. The 10-metre permanent right-of-way is within the 25-metre temporary workspace. 

Trenchless construction, notably horizontal directional drills, means a reduced temporary workspace and reduced surface impacts such as fewer tree removals, reduced ground and soil disturbance, and reduced impacts on natural surface and subsurface water. All Pacific Water Shrew critical habitat in this area will be avoided through the use of HDD.

All areas disturbed by construction will be reclaimed and restored to the original function after construction is complete. This may include tree replanting in the temporary workspace outside the 10-metre permanent right-of-way. The area within 10 metres of the permanent right-of-way will be revegetated with low growing plants and grasses. Trans Mountain will have a monitoring program in all reclaimed areas for a minimum of five years.

Keeping residents informed

We will continue to keep Fraser Heights residents informed about the Project and construction schedule as new information becomes available. We are planning future opportunities to learn more about construction in Fraser Heights in advance of construction. The timing of these activities will be determined and communicated in the coming months. We encourage Surrey residents to visit the construction map to sign up for updates. New information will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

For the most expedient response to your questions about the Project, please contact us at [email protected] or at 1.866.514.6700.