Where the Trans Mountain pipeline runs through residential neighbourhoods, it is important we work with the community when maintenance is required along the right-of-way (ROW). Regular maintenance includes vegetation management as the the right-of-way is required, by our regulator, to be free of tall-growing trees and obstruction so personnel can have access for pipeline maintenance and inspections. 

In the neighborhood of Westridge Wolf Willow in Edmonton, selective tree removal along the right-of-way was required in order to comply with regulations. The ROW in the area also serves as a popular community walking and biking path so it was vital that the work required was completed in phases to limit impacts to the green space shared with the community.  

In 2012, a Community Task Force was formed and included  area residents, the City of Edmonton and Trans Mountain to discuss our plans and consult about options for restoration. The first two phases of selective tree removal were completed throughout 2016 and 2017.

Recently, as part of the final phase, we hosted a pop-up community information session on the ROW to provide advance details on the remainder of the vegetation management work scheduled to take place in the fall and winter of 2018.

Many neighbours visited our information tent on the ROW to learn more from Trans Mountain operations staff and specialists about off-set planting, restoration and monitoring plans.

Selective tree removal in the Westridge Wolf Willow area will be completed by December 2018. The areas disturbed will be restored in the spring 2019 when weather and seasonal conditions permit.

Trans Mountain conducts work under Environmental Protection and Emergency Response Plans to ensure compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and requirements. All work is conducted under required municipal permits and bylaws to minimize impacts on the multi-use recreational area.