Trans Mountain and Kamloops Fire Rescue (KFR) demonstrated an integrated fire response during an emergency exercise in late October, practicing the activation of Trans Mountain’s fire pre-plans for the Kamloops Terminal. 

This exercise was the first time the two organizations practiced under the terms of a mutual aid agreement signed between Trans Mountain and City of Kamloops.  The mutual aid agreement is a commitment to provide structural firefighting, emergency response services, equipment and personnel between the two parties upon request.  The City will provide those services to Trans Mountain at its facilities in Kamloops and Trans Mountain, in return, will provide emergency support services within the Kamloops municipal boundaries.

“We have a long history of cooperation with the Kamloops Fire Department and are pleased to work side-by-side with them at this recent exercise,” said Jamie Kereliuk, Trans Mountain’s Director of Emergency Management.  “The Mutual Aid agreement we have in place with the City formalizes these important relationships and demonstrates our shared interest in the safety of the Kamloops community.”

The Mutual Aid Agreement includes a commitment to practicing, testing and evaluating emergency response through joint exercises for ongoing development of efficient response techniques.

“Any opportunity for Kamloops Fire Rescue to work together with Trans Mountain is a welcome opportunity. Crews get to know each other and get to know each others procedures,” said Robb Schoular, an Assistant Chief with KFR. At the exercise, fire response equipment was deployed including the integration of KFR fire trucks and crews in the response. Response personnel had the opportunity to train and practice their response skills on the fire extinguishing systems available for a hypothetical storage tank fire. 

This planned exercise is an integral part to practicing our fire pre-plan for Kamloops Terminal, our emergency response plan (ERP), and is part of overall Emergency Management Program, required by our regulators.