Trans Mountain’s Emergency Management Program (EMP) is designed to enhance prevention and preparedness capabilities through ongoing training and emergency response exercises.  Trans Mountain’s dedicated team understands the most critical and responsible pipeline emergency strategy is to prevent an incident from occurring at all. However, in the unlikely event that an incident occurs, conducting training and exercise ensures staff are prepared to respond quickly and efficiently by implementing Trans Mountain’s Emergency Response Plans (ERPs).

This year, the Emergency Management team conducted 20 emergency exercises in various regions along the pipeline and at facilities:

  • 14 in-the-field deployment exercises (five with fire equipment, nine with spill equipment)
  • Two full-scale exercises (Burnaby Terminal and on Puget Sound system in Washington State
  • Four tabletop exercises (in classroom)

Emergency exercises use mock scenarios such as a product release on water and or land or a storage tank fire and personnel practice deploying the appropriate equipment to respond to the scenario. Full-scale exercises include initiating an Incident Command Post (ICP) where multiple agencies, local first responders, regulators, government officials and First Nations groups are invited to observe and or participate.

Trans Mountain continues to review emergency response activities after every exercise to maximize opportunities for continual improvement. Some recent enhancements to the Emergency Response Plans, as a result of the 20 exercises held last year, include:

  • The addition of emergency response equipment
  • Revised ICS procedures for resource ordering, traffic control, meals and lodging planning during incidents
  • Revision and enhancement of ERP Supplemental Plans, including:
    • Air Monitoring Plan
    • Convergent Volunteer Management Plan
    • Decontamination Plan
    • Sampling and Monitoring Plan
    • Submerged and Sunken Oil Plan
    • Waste Management Plan
    • Wildlife Management Plan
  • Revised detailed tactical drawings in Fire Pre-Plans
  • Emergency planning supplements for schools, Aboriginal communities and municipalities

Trans Mountain updates its Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) annually, which is an essential part to enhancing the overall Emergency Management Program, and demonstrates our commitment to safety in every community where our pipeline operates.