811 Day is recognized annually in the United States on August 11 to promote safe digging. We reached out to Todd Pleadwell and Dave Honrud from our Pipeline Protection team in Washington state to discuss 811 and its importance.

Todd Pleadwell and Dave Honrud

What is 811?  

Todd: 811 is a toll-free One Call service in Washington state where someone can notify facility operators of a new job and request marking of underground facilities.

Are the landowners and contractors you encounter generally aware of safe digging practices and 811?  

Todd: Most contractors are aware of 811 but not necessarily Trans Mountain’s safe digging practices. Landowners are somewhat knowledgeable. Our team works with these stakeholders to build awareness and ensure they notify 811 before starting an excavation project.

What are the five steps in the 811 process? 


  1. Notify - Call 811
  2. Wait -   Two business days before any excavation
  3. Confirm – All known utilities have been marked
  4. Respect – All markings and procedures of each utility  
  5. Dig Carefully – Hand dig utilities for precise location and depth

What’s the most rewarding part about your job?

Dave: The most rewarding thing is for everyone to go home safe at the end of the day after all work is completed. I enjoy the people I work with in Laurel and the larger part of the community who’s already aware of 811.

Todd: Living in the community where we work and collaborating with people who want to complete their job around our pipeline in a safe manner.