A large pipeline project like the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is typically broken into manageable lengths called “spreads”. Our Project is divided into nine spreads of pipeline construction, each with unique activities and challenges, and each awarded to contractors with the experience and expertise to deliver on construction. In addition to the spreads of pipeline construction, we are expanding our existing Trans Mountain terminals and adding 12 pump stations. As with pipeline spread construction, we've selected contractors with the specific experience and expertise for the work at our facilities.

As part of the expansion, we also have two sections of pipeline being reactivated in Jasper – Mount Robson and West Barriere.

Greater Edmonton: Spread 1

Includes the addition of four new storage tanks at our Edmonton Terminal and Spread 1 pipeline construction, approximately 50 km of pipeline.

Yellowhead: Spread 2

Includes five pump stations and Spread 2 pipeline construction – about 285 km of pipeline.

North Thompson: Spread 3, 4A and 4B

The North Thompson includes three pump stations and three Spreads 3, 4A and 4B, totalling approximately 275 km of pipeline construction between Mount Robson Provincial Park and our Darfield Pump Station north of Kamloops.

  • Spread 3 & 4A Pipeline Contractor – Ledcor Sicim
  • Spread 4B Pipeline Contractor – SA Energy Group
  • Pump Stations Contractor – Cord

BC Interior: Spread 5A

The BC Interior includes Spread 5A pipeline construction – about 185 km of pipeline – and three pump stations.

  • Spread 5A Pipeline Contractor – Surerus Murphy Joint Venture
  • Pump Station Contractor – Cord

Coquihalla – Hope: Spread 5B

The Coquihalla-Hope portion of the Project includes Spread 5B pipeline construction, approximately 85 km of pipeline and one pump station.

  • Spread 5B Pipeline Contractor – Macro Spiecapag Joint Venture
  • Pump Station Contractor – Cord

Fraser Valley: Spread 6

The Fraser Valley includes Spread 6 pipeline construction, about 70 km of pipeline construction from Popkum/Bridal Falls to Langley and the expansion of the Sumas Terminal in Abbotsford.

Lower Mainland: Spread 7

The Lower Mainland includes Spread 7 pipeline construction – 35 km of pipeline construction between Langley and Burnaby – as well as the expansion of our Burnaby Terminal and Westridge Marine Terminal, and construction of the Burnaby Mountain Tunnel.