The Trans Mountain Expansion Project is subject to 156 conditions enforceable by the National Energy Board (NEB). The conditions are designed to reduce possible risks identified during the application process and apply during various stages of the Project’s lifecycle, including prior to construction, prior to operation and during operation of the pipeline system. Before the construction phase of the Project can begin 98 pre-construction conditions need to be satisfied.

These Project-specific conditions are in addition to existing regulations, codes and standards, and our commitments, and ensure the pipeline system is planned, built and operated safely. The conditions cover a wide range of matters, including emergency preparedness and response, protection of the environment, consultation with affected Indigenous communities, socio-economic matters and pipeline safety and integrity. 

Condition 10 allows Trans Mountain to commence Project construction activities at specific locations at different times (i.e., using a phased approach). On January 16, 2017, we informed the NEB of our intention to use a phased approach for Project construction and filed a complete list of spreads, regions and work areas. This list serves as the basis by which we may submit condition filings using a phased approach. At that time, we also filed a phased conditions matrix detailing all Project conditions as related to the spreads, regions and work areas and applicable legal instruments. The Condition 10 filings can be found here.

Construction of a particular spread, region or work area cannot proceed until all pre-construction conditions using this phased approach have been satisfied for that spread, region or work area. Prior to commencing construction of the initial spread, region or work area, all applicable conditions with more general pre-construction timing elements must also be satisfied.

All condition filings, whether or not they are for approval, are reviewed and assessed by the NEB to determine whether we have complied with the condition, and whether the filed information is acceptable within the context of regulatory requirements and standards, best practices, professional judgement and the goals the condition sought to achieve. If a condition is “for approval,” we must receive formal approval, by way of a NEB letter, for the condition to be fulfilled.

On August 1, 2019, the NEB confirmed that we've met all the pre-construction conditions required to get construction underway at Burnaby Terminal, Westridge Marine Terminal and the Westridge Tunnel Portal site. 

For the latest information on condition compliance for the Project visit the NEB’s website here.

Meeting pre-construction conditions is one of several things that we need to have in place before getting shovels in the ground. 

In addition to the NEB, there are a number of federal, provincial and municipal government agencies that have regulatory authority over certain aspects of the Project. To learn more click here.