Midwest Pipelines Inc. is the Construction Contractor for Spread 2 of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, the Yellowhead portion between Edmonton, AB and Jasper National Park. We caught up with Midwest to learn more.

What’s your process for hiring the construction crews and related workers who will be building the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

Midwest has commenced engagement with Indigenous and local communities along the pipeline route identifying opportunities for employment and businesses. Midwest looks first to provide opportunities for people in the communities where we are working. For the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, we anticipate a significant portion of the workforce will be local. As the work schedule is firmed up, we will be providing the employment and contracting opportunities on a season-by-season basis along the pipeline route.

Tell us a bit about your company’s experience with energy infrastructure construction?

Midwest Pipelines Inc. began in 2012 under private ownership by Albertans and has grown into one of the leading pipeline construction contractors in Western Canada. All our profits stay in Western Canada.  Although we have a preference for local workers, all qualified Canadians are welcome to work with us.

Our experienced management team is focused on building mid- to large-diameter new pipelines, expanding the much-needed energy infrastructure required to make our country prosperous. The scope of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is very similar to the projects we have been executing for customers in the last five years.

Tell us about your company’s mission statement and/or core values?

Our mission is to become the contractor of choice for our staff and clients; to continuously improve through programs of training and innovation; and to become the contractor the public and Project stakeholders prefer and respect.

We will continuously build on the aspects of “safety, quality, integrity, and open and honest communications” with all stakeholders, particularly as they relate to the communities we work in and the people who may be touched by our projects.

People are the cornerstone of Midwest. We appreciate and respect those who contribute to our success, and commit to proudly support them, their families and our way of life in Western Canada.

Please talk about your commitments to worker and public safety, and environmental protection.

Our goal is to maintain an injury- and accident-free workplace for our employees and contractors. We truly believe all incidents are preventable. Midwest’s mandate is to be an industry leader in health and safety performance, and environmental protection through strong management and providing continuous education and training.

You’re responsible for the area between Edmonton and Jasper National Park. Can you list two or three specific challenges associated with work in this area?

Our section of the Project includes urban construction with congestion from towns and acreages, farmland, forested Crown land, significant river crossings and foothills – a bit of everything. So, there are many challenges that require varying construction techniques. We are focused on addressing all stakeholder concerns and incorporating them into a construction plan providing safe and environmentally compliant execution.   We have segmented our work into areas specifically related to types of terrain and compliance with environmental windows. The work will not be linear from one end to the other, but will focus on complying with the requirements of the Project.