One of the most exciting parts of the Expansion Project is the construction of the new Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, BC. The complex and unique project will involve hundreds of workers using sophisticated marine equipment to build the new three-berth dock complex.

The on-water expansion also includes construction of new support facilities to moor smaller utility and service vessels, as well as new fire protection, vapour recovery and emergency response equipment.

To help demonstrate the scope and breadth of work taking place, we have produced a new animation video to showcase the impressive construction feats underway along with some of the unique features of the project.

The video allows neighbours, stakeholders and interested parties to better understand the various construction activities that will take place and what the facility will look like upon completion.

In September 2019, the Project was approved by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority subject to 64 permit conditions that Trans Mountain must meet to ensure the expansion is constructed safely, will not likely cause significant adverse environmental effects and considers the interests of local communities. This work, along with other on-shore work at Westridge, had been previously approved by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER).