Construction is underway at Burnaby Terminal and this work will lead to additional activity at the facility. We aim to minimize disruption to our neighbours during construction and have developed plans to reduce noise, light, dust and traffic disruptions.

Trans Mountain has completed noise modelling studies to better understand the impact of noise during construction. Those studies, along with feedback from local residents have led to planned mitigation measures to help reduce the impact of our work on our neighbours.

One of the measures recently implemented involved installing a temporary sound barrier at Burnaby Terminal inside Trans Mountain’s fenceline, adjacent to Shellmont Street, that will be in place for the duration of construction. It is designed to minimize the noise impacts of our construction activities on our neighbours living near the terminal.

Additional mitigation to address construction noise may include equipment considerations, location and schedule considerations, as well as traffic considerations as follows:

  • Equipment considerations: Ensuring tools and equipment being used are proportionate to the activity being conducted and maintained in good working order; installing and maintaining noise-suppression equipment (e.g., silencers or mufflers) on applicable construction machinery and vehicles.
  • Location and schedule considerations: Locating compressors and generators away from noise-sensitive locations, scheduling construction activities during non-noise-sensitive periods and complying with local applicable noise bylaws and approval conditions to the extent practicable.
  • Traffic considerations: Ensuring construction vehicles abide by traffic control requirements to reduce construction traffic impact and busing workers to site to minimize additional traffic to the site.

We are committed to making ongoing improvements and continue to develop additional practical abatement measures that we anticipate will be effective at reducing sound in the area.