On February 22, 2019, the National Energy Board (NEB) delivered its Reconsideration report to the Government of Canada, with an overall recommendation that the Trans Mountain Expansion Project is in the Canadian public interest and should be approved.

Since then, a number of organizations have come forward to express their views of the report and support for the recommendation, which includes 156 Project conditions and 16 new recommendations to the Government of Canada. 

Canadian Chamber of Commerce

“Trans Mountain has clearly met its obligations, and now it is up to the federal government to take the steps necessary for getting this pipeline built without any further delay. 

Given the importance of this project to our national economy, the Canadian Chamber urges the federal government to abide by the NEB’s 90-day timeline to make a positive decision on the project.

Today’s decision is an important step forward for the vital project to get Canadian oil to international markets. Its completion will not only create jobs across Canada but also ensure that Canada finally realizes its potential to supply the world with low emission oil and gas products.” 

- Honourable Perrin Beatty, President and CEO

BC Chamber of Commerce

“What we do want to reiterate is the importance of the TMX to our national economy, and along with the Canadian Chamber, we strongly urge the federal government to abide by the NEB’s 90-day timeline to make a positive decision on the project.”

- Val Litwin, President and CEO

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

“We are encouraged by today’s reconsideration report, which is a key milestone along the path to ultimately building the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Our organization has long maintained that this project will bring a host of economic and social benefits to communities across British Columbia.”

- Hon. Iain Black, President and CEO

Chamber of Shipping

"We are pleased with the NEB's recommendation to proceed with the Project and the determination that marine shipping can support the safe and responsible export of oil to world markets. As many of the 16 recommendations address non-project shipping and key Canadian export commodities, we strongly encourage the Government of Canada to focus effort on removing barriers to competitiveness immediately."

- Robert Lewis-Manning, President

Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)

“These conditions and recommendations are designed to mitigate impacts relating to the project. The report also identifies the significant benefits that will be generated by the project for all Canadians, which coupled with the conditions and recommendations, led the NEB to conclude that the project is in the Canadian public interest.”

- Chris Bloomer, President and CEO

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

“The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers thinks today’s recommendation from the National Energy Board is a crucial, but not surprising step toward the completion of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

CAPP urges the government to complete remaining Indigenous consultations as soon as possible, as delays to this project are costing the Canadian economy and taxpayers billions of dollars. Pipelines are critical in ensuring Canada has access to high growth markets and receives full value for our natural resources. As global energy demand increases, the world needs more Canada. We can supply the world with responsible energy produced the Canadian way.”

- Tim McMillan, President and CEO

Surrey Board of Trade

“Canada needs to move our crude oil to ports through the pipeline to lucrative overseas markets. We hope the project moves forward expediently. The Trans Mountain Expansion Project – a $7.4-billion project – will spur significant economic activity, locally and globally. Moving crude oil by rail through suburbs is far more hazardous than using state-of-the art pipeline technology. A portion of the new construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline will go through Surrey, British Columbia.” 

- Anita Huberman, CEO