Trans Mountain is conducting a number of operations and maintenance activities at Westridge Marine Terminal and Burnaby Terminal to secure and protect the existing facilities and ensure the continued safe operations at both terminals. 

This month, work began to replace perimeter fencing at Westridge, which will take several months to complete. This work requires removal of vegetation and trees at the fenceline on Trans Mountain’s property.

Trans Mountain will also be undertaking slope stabilization work at Westridge that will be conducted along the foreshore in the area where rip rap was removed prior to safe shutdown of the Expansion Project. All work will be completed at low tide in dry conditions and in accordance with the site-specific Environmental Protection Plan.

Other work that will be taking place at Westridge in the coming weeks includes foreshore slope stabilization (involves excavation) and paving of the foreshore area up to the lower control building.

At Burnaby Terminal, Trans Mountain is continuing with activities to modify existing piping and related infrastructure within the terminal. These activities are required to accommodate future operations and were approved by the National Energy Board (NEB) independent of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. 

On January 17, 2019, the NEB rejected a request by the City of Burnaby to rescind two orders that authorize Trans Mountain to undertake this work. In its decision, the NEB found the piping modifications at Burnaby Terminal are not associated with the Expansion Project and the relocation and decommissioning orders appropriately allow Trans Mountain to optimize the site in preparation to offer new services to shippers. The NEB also permitted the company to continue tree removal on its Burnaby Terminal property as part of the approved works. 

The NEB concluded that replacement of the original piping with new piping designed to allow the passage of in-line inspection tools will improve the integrity of Burnaby Terminal.

Measures are in place to minimize any impacts of this work to the public and the environment. Trans Mountain has developed Environmental Protection Plans for its work at Burnaby Terminal and will continue to comply with all regulatory requirements in relation to these activities.