Engagement with local governments looks a little different this year, but Trans Mountain continues to find creative ways to share information and answer questions from our stakeholders during these unprecedented times.

Last week, we participated in two virtual local government conferences. The Union of British Columbia Municipalities Conference (UBCM) and Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) are two main forums for municipal policymaking in BC and urban Alberta communities. Elected officials from along Trans Mountain’s pipeline and marine corridor attended these virtual conferences to discuss and vote on common policy positions.

Trans Mountain’s approach has always been to ensure we continue to build and nurture our relationships with stakeholders by sharing Project information and updates, and addressing questions and concerns. This year’s conferences were especially important as construction is now underway in most regions and we have progress to report.

Virtual booth at UBCM

The conference’s online platforms allowed us to share information by participating in virtual networking sessions, and hosting a virtual trade show booth where delegates could visit our page to view videos, photos and fact sheets.

In addition to the UBCM program, our President and CEO, Ian Anderson, held a virtual breakfast with 18 of our local pipeline and marine corridor BC mayors and CAOs via Microsoft Teams. This year marked the 5th annual breakfast during the UBCM Convention. In lieu of the typical catered breakfast for attendees, Trans Mountain made donations to 13 local food banks along the pipeline and marine corridor from the Community Investment Program to help our communities in these difficult times.

The conferences were a great opportunity for us to share an update on our construction progress, and our continued commitment to safety and creating local benefits through the Project.