Pipeline construction in the Edmonton area is nearing completion with close to 45 of the 50 kilometres of pipeline complete. Crews are currently finishing right-of-way cleanup, welding and trenchless crossings.

Calgary Trail HDD.

We recently completed the longest trenchless crossing in the region – more than 1,300 metres of pipe was pulled underneath Calgary Trail, a busy and critical intersection in the City of Edmonton. The crossing traverses seven roadways, on-ramps and off-ramps, as well as the CP Railway mainline.

Eleven of 14 horizontal directional drills planned for the region have now been completed, along with 51 of the 59 horizontal directional bores. Crews are busy preparing worksites for the remaining trenchless crossings.    

Calgary Trail HDD.

Trenchless crossings are used to safely cross underneath watercourses, railways, major roads, sensitive environmental areas and in areas with restricted workspace. They greatly minimize the impact to normal daily activities, traffic, and minimize or eliminate ground disturbance. 

You can learn more about this type of construction by watching our animation here.

Worker checking for deficiencies.

Mainline welding is complete and crews are currently working on tie-ins, inspections, right-of-way cleanup and site reclamation. Reclamation – the process of returning the area back to its original state – includes laying topsoil, grading, and seeding. Where work is complete, access mats are being removed, cleaned and distributed to other regions.

Reclamation work.

SA Energy Group is our pipeline contractor responsible for work in Greater Edmonton.

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