Earlier this month, we received confirmation that an eaglet has been spotted in a nest near our Westridge Marine Terminal! This is exciting news for our environmental team, who have been working with regulators and local raptor specialists on a plan since 2017, when a nest was identified near the southeast boundary of the terminal, in an area that we knew may be impacted by construction activities.

In 2018 the pair of eagles successfully nested and had offspring in an artificial nest platform that was built by a local raptor specialist as part of that plan.  Last year, our team observed that the eagles had built their own nest in a new location in a forested area east of the terminal away from construction activities. This year, our wildlife biologist confirmed a chick has been spotted in that new nest location. Check out the photos below!

Since early development of the Expansion Project, Trans Mountain’s environmental team has been out in the field studying a wide range of environmental features including wildlife, species at risk, fish and plants. Learn more about our Environmental Management Plans required to meet the conditions set out by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) and the BC Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO), here