Matting is a portable platform used during pipeline construction and operational maintenance to create paths for equipment. It’s used on worksites and right-of-way construction to connect areas that are hard to reach. Matting helps protect the environment, prevents weather-related project delays, and shields equipment and the pipeline from damage.

Steel framed rig matting at a stockpile site in Kamloops.

Preserving the land:

Construction equipment is heavy and could damage sensitive environments if the right precautions aren’t taken. When matting is used, it supports the weight of this equipment and prevents damage to access roads, right-of-way and temporary work locations.

Access mats on the right-of-way.

Avoiding weather delays:

Weather is unpredictable and heavy rains can cause soft and muddy ground. By using matting, we can avoid significant delays that could be caused by equipment getting stuck.

Protecting equipment and the pipeline:

Matting enables heavy equipment to distribute its weight evenly, which helps in avoiding preventable wear and tear to the machines and pressure points that could damage belowground utilities.

Aerial view of matting on a Spread 1 HDD.