As part of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, Trans Mountain is reactivating two segments of pipeline that have been maintained in a deactivated state. The Jasper – Mount Robson reactivation extends for about 150 km, from Hinton, Alberta to Hargreaves, British Columbia, and the West Barriere reactivation extends for about 42 km, from Darfield to Black Pines, BC.

We connected with the contractor for this portion of the Project Simpcw Ledcor, a partnership between Indigenous owned Simpcw Resources Limited Liability Partnership and Ledcor Pipeline, to learn more about their partnership and their scope of work.

Tell us a bit about your company history and involvement with pipeline construction.

Simpcw Resources Limited Liability Partnership (SRLLP) transitioned from a predominantly forestry-based company, to a pipeline construction services company, with Kinder Morgan. SRLLP was involved with the 158 km Anchor Loop pipeline expansion project in 2007. The project was a pipeline loop through Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park. In addition to traditional clearing and brushing requirements, there was additional needs for civil work, equipment and skilled labor, which SRLLP was able to supply, contributing to the success of the project. A long-lasting outcome of the project was the negotiation and settlement of a pipeline maintenance contract within the Simpcw territory.

Ledcor Pipeline has been a large diameter pipeline contractor since 1971. They are based out of Western Canada and have completed projects across North America ranging in diameter from 2” to 60”. Whether it be the challenges of the Arctic, rock of the Canadian Shield, or ruggedness and environmental sensitivities of the Prairies, Ledcor Pipeline has achieved success in all Canadian environments and landscapes.

The Simpcw Ledcor partnership for the Expansion Project brings together history of the Anchor Loop expansion project and large diameter pipelines. This partnership will be focused on reactivation, where two pipeline segments that have been maintained in a deactivated state will be reactivated.

What’s your process for hiring the construction crews and related workers who will be building the Trans Mountain Expansion Project?

We will be looking to maximize available opportunities for Indigenous, local and regional communities. This will be achieved via multiple different avenues and initiatives, ranging from online job postings, career fairs, open houses, social media posts, and local advertising for a variety of positions. The opportunity to engage highly skilled individuals from these communities builds upon our values of delivering the Project in a sustainable and highly regarded manner.

Do you have any challenges that are unique or will require innovative solutions?

The Reactivation Project includes 134 pipeline integrity digs, seven water crossing upgrades, 16 natural hazard mitigation sites, installation or replacement of 25 valves, and a 192 km mainline hydrostatic test recertification program.

Work will be performed in four separate regions; Alberta, Jasper National Park, Mount Robson Provincial Park and British Columbia. The locations of work have a wide variety of terrain and climatic conditions; including; wetlands, rocky and mountainous terrain, steep slopes, and areas with restricted access.

With varying scopes of work in multiple regulatory regions, the Project team must constantly evolve to maintain regulatory training and compliance with the requirements of external stakeholders.

Tell us about your mission statement and core company values.

The purpose of SRLLP is to create a community that fosters respect and self-sufficiency using sustainable and environmentally responsible methods that honour the culture of Simpcw First Nation.

Guiding Principles:

  • Preservation of Simpcw culture and heritage
  • Maintaining a balance between economic development and resource sustainability
  • Control over business risk respecting that we are a community organization
  • Provide a healthy environment for economic and social benefit for the people of Simpcw First Nation

Ledcor Pipeline is committed to building lifetime clients through accountability, innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Our Values:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Success

Tell us about your commitments to safety and environmental protection.

Safety and environmental protection are paramount to the success of any project. We believe that zero accidents are achievable through the implementation of best practices, meticulous planning and respecting the significance of the areas that we construct in. Our aim is to preserve the past and build a legacy that can be enjoyed and shared by future generations.