The Trans Mountain Expansion Project includes 980 kilometres of new pipeline construction, 193 kilometres of reactivated pipeline, the expansion of our Edmonton Terminal, Burnaby Terminal, Sumas Terminal and Westridge Marine Terminal, as well as the addition of 12 pump stations along the right-of-way. We have selected contractors with specific experience and expertise for each portion of this work.

In addition to leading construction on their portions of the Project, the contractors are responsible for hiring the majority of individuals and sub-contractors needed for the work in accordance with our commitment to maximize opportunities for Indigenous, local and regional communities.

SA Energy Group

SA Energy Group is the general contractor for portions of pipeline construction in Greater Edmonton (Spread 1), a portion of the North Thompson region (Spread 4B) and the Fraser Valley (Spread 6). A 50/50 General Partnership between Robert B. Somerville Co. Ltd. and Aecon Utilities, a division of Aecon Construction Group Inc., the group has substantial experience with large diameter pipeline construction and is an active member of the Pipeline Contractors Association of Canada.

Midwest Pipelines Inc. 

Midwest Pipelines is the pipeline contractor for the Yellowhead portion of the Project in Alberta, between Edmonton and Jasper National Park (Spread 2). Midwest’s executive and operational management team has more than 160 years of combined experience in pipeline construction, project management, pipeline integrity work and specialty fabrication.

Ledcor Sicim Limited Partnership

The Ledcor Sicim Limited Partnership brings more than 120 years of pipeline experience, with a particular focus on challenging mountainous terrain, to their role as pipeline contractor for the majority of the North Thompson portion of the Project (Spreads 3 and 4A).

Simpcw Ledcor

Simpcw Ledcor is the contractor responsible for reactivation. The Jasper – Mount Robson reactivation extends for about 150 km, from Hinton, AB to Hargreaves, BC, and the West Barriere reactivation extends for approximately 42 km, from Darfield to Black Pines, BC.

Surerus Murphy Joint Venture

Surerus Murphy Joint Venture, the contractor for the BC Interior portion of pipeline construction, between Black Pines and the Coquihalla Summit (Spread 5A), has a history of delivering large pipeline projects in challenging conditions.

Macro Spiecapag Joint Venture

Macro Spiecapag Joint Venture brings more than 90 years of experience in 60-plus countries building over 50,000 km of pipeline, to the Project. This includes extensive experience in steep mountainous terrain making them well suited to the exceptional topography and engineering challenges of the Coquihalla-Hope portion of the Project for which they are responsible (Spread 5B).

Kiewit Ledcor Trans Mountain Partnership

Kiewit Ledcor Trans Mountain Partnership (KLTP) is the general construction contractor for the Lower Mainland - including the Westridge Marine Terminal, Burnaby Terminal and the Burnaby Mountain Tunnel, the Sumas Terminal, and pipeline construction from Langley to Burnaby (Spread 7). They have extensive experience and a proven track record of finding solutions to minimize impacts of construction activities in populated and urban areas.


Cord is responsible for the Edmonton Terminal and all 12 pump stations included in the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. They have some of the most extensive experience in this type of construction work in Western Canada, having completed more than 50 similar pump stations and their work on terminals includes more than 30 million barrels of storage.


EPCOR is responsible for design, construction and maintenance of specific electrical power interconnection systems, including substations, switchyards and transmission lines on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. They have more than 125 years of experience in the utilities sector, building infrastructure and providing essential services to customers.