In order to maintain the continued safe operations of our terminals, and due to scheduling restraints, some work at our facilities in Burnaby will need to take place overnight. Night work will generally occur from Monday to Saturday, with no work anticipated on Sundays or statutory holidays.

Crews working overnight must abide by all noise, lighting and environmental requirements, as well as applicable Environmental Protection and Traffic Management Plans. In addition to this we use a number of different measures to reduce disruption to our neighbours, which could include:

  • Noise barriers that have been installed on and off site
  • Use of portable on-site noise barriers where necessary
  • Limit use of generators and lighting where practicable
  • Continuous noise monitoring occurs 24 hours per day
  • Use of directional lighting to limit light disruption
  • Use of welding tents to eliminate light disruption from welding work
  • Limit vehicle use on-site
  • Offsite parking and shuttle to minimize vehicle traffic accessing the site

We anticipate noise levels associated with this construction activity will remain within approved nighttime levels. If an instance occurs where construction activities surpass permissible sound levels, adjustments to construction activities will be made to mitigate noise to the extent practicable from the site.

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