Work continues at our Lower Mainland terminals, with considerable progress being made on the foreshore expansion at Westridge Marine Terminal and ongoing work to prepare for the installation of 14 new tanks at Burnaby Terminal. In response to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to follow all advice from government and health officials to ensure the protection of our people on the ground, while continuing the safe construction of the Expansion Project.

Over the past month, Trans Mountain and our construction contractors have implemented a number of new safety measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone on our sites, including temperature testing of those entering the site for fever or sickness, staggering work shifts to minimize the number of people on site, and practicing physical distancing guidelines. In order to safely transport workers to our Burnaby sites, we have reduced the number of people transported per vehicle to adhere to health authority recommendations and increased vehicle cleaning requirements and frequency.

Recently, the bubble curtains, which reduce underwater noise from pile driving activities, have been enhanced to better deliver more protection and better manage the dissipation of underwater noise around each pile. At this time, 43 of the 162 necessary piles have been completed. These bubble curtains, alongside noise shrouds, help mitigate the noise effects in the area in accordance with our comprehensive Environmental Protection Plan and Noise Management Plan for Westridge.

With a strategic set of marine piles now installed, the marine crews have begun construction of the above water superstructure for the loading docks.

We recently completed the backfill of 11 full cells and 10 half cells, which, will form the foundation of the foreshore expansion at the Terminal. Crews are now beginning the levelling of the aggregate material within the cells and have begun the soil improvement work to establish the foundation for the expanded foreshore.

On shore, crews are working to widen the access road to the terminal, including the installation of an anchored retaining wall. In preparation for the Burnaby Mountain Tunnel; crews have begun to develop the Westridge Tunnel Portal.

Over at Burnaby Terminal, work continues to prepare the site for the installation of 14 new storage tanks. Currently the excavation for tanks 75, 77 and 79 is underway.

The construction of a temporary roadway inside the fenceline to accommodate work activities is also ongoing.

The contractor responsible for work on the Lower Mainland portion of the Expansion Project is the Kiewit Ledcor Trans Mountain Partnership (KLTP).

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