Work on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project continues at our terminals, pump stations, and along the pipeline right-of-way. More than 4,900 people have been hard at work on the Project in both British Columbia and Alberta.

In the Lower Mainland, considerable progress has been made on the foreshore and onshore expansion at Westridge Marine Terminal, as well as work to prepare for the installation of 14 new tanks at Burnaby Terminal.

At Westridge, Kiewit Ledcor Trans Mountain Partnership (KLTP), the contractor responsible for the Lower Mainland portion of the Project, continues to install soil anchors to support widening of the main access road inside the Terminal. This work is nearly complete and is a priority construction activity at the Terminal.

Crews have continued with soil improvement work along the foreshore. The circular cells you see on the left form the foundation of the foreshore expansion.

Offshore, KLTP recently installed the first of 24 dolphin jackets – these mooring dolphins are part of the foundation for the new berths that vessels will tie up to during loading and unloading. You can read more about dolphin jacket manufacturing and installation here.

To reduce noise impact for the comfort of our neighbours we recently installed a temporary sound wall on Underhill Avenue near the entrance to our Burnaby Terminal. This sound wall is similar to those previously installed inside the terminal and has already demonstrated a reduction in noise from vehicles accessing the terminal and construction activity inside the terminal. A similar sound wall will also be installed near Westridge in the coming weeks.

At Burnaby Terminal, we continue with the extensive site preparation work that must occur before the installation of 14 new storage tanks, and the expansion of the manifold.

You can learn more about the construction process for the Terminal in the video below.

Currently the excavation for tanks 75, 77 and 79 is underway.

Work has been taking place at both terminals to prepare for the construction of the Burnaby Mountain Tunnel, which will house the delivery lines connecting Burnaby Terminal and Westridge Marine Terminal. The 2.6 kilometre tunnel will start and end at entry and exit portals at each terminal, avoiding disruption to our neighbours, roadways and parks. At Westridge, where tunnel boring operations will begin, 70 out of 101 secant piles on the portal wall are complete. Similar work to prepare a portal at Burnaby Terminal is also underway.

Learn more about how the tunnel will be built in the animation below.

All COVID-19 protocols continue to be followed at the site.

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