Last week, the first piece of pipe went into the ground in Kamloops! This segment is the first of 185 kilometres of pipe that our contractor, Surerus Murphy Joint Venture, is responsible for in the region.

Our crews continue to be busy working at sites near the airport in Lac du Bois and in Kenna Cartwright Park.

Pipeline construction doesn’t have to take place in a linear fashion, so while there’s pipe in the ground in some areas, crews continue to prepare the right-of-way for construction in others. In Lac du Bois, clearing, brushing and grading is underway to prepare the right-of-way for construction and to provide access to other work areas. In Kenna Cartwright Park, a yellow- bellied marmot den has been relocated to a safe location outside of the construction area.

Near the airport, crews are preparing to cross under the railway tracks using a method of trenchless construction called an auger bore.

Trenchless crossings like this are used to safely cross underneath roads and railways, minimizing the impact to users. These techniques are also used for many watercourses and environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands. 

A different type of trenchless crossing – horizontal directional drilling – will be used to cross beneath the Thompson River. Currently, a drill is working to create a crossing under the Thompson River, starting at the Mission Flats side and working towards the Kamloops Airport exit. At the exit site, pipe will be welded together along a stretch of land called a laydown area. Eventually this long stretch of pipe will be pulled beneath the river back towards the Mission Flats side of the river. The crossing is about 40 metres below the riverbed at the deepest point and does not impact the riverbed in any way.

You can learn more about this type of construction by watching our animation here.

You can find out more about construction activities taking place in the area, or near you, on our interactive map.

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