Construction has progressed considerably in Alberta, with pipe in the ground in the Yellowhead region and Greater Edmonton. Currently, there are active sites at all phases of pipeline construction as well as work underway on a number of trenchless crossings. In Jasper-Mount Robson, reactivation work has also begun to complete the full twinning of the pipeline system.

In response to the evolving Covid-19 pandemic, Trans Mountain and our construction contractors are following all advice from government and health officials while maintaining the uninterrupted operation of our pipeline and the safe construction of the Expansion Project. While each worksite is unique, each of our construction contractors are required to adopt government and company recommended health and safety measures to ensure the protection of our people on the ground.

Our General Contractors are monitoring staff for fever and other symptoms including the addition of a Registered Nurse on site. There has also been a reduction on seasonal and non-essential personnel which is helping to manage risk of exposure. We continue to work with our construction contractors to revisit and update plans and monitor implementation.

Crews have been busy preparing worksites for thirteen trenchless crossings in the Greater Edmonton area; clearing and grading entry and exit portals and performing utility relocates for existing underground infrastructure.

Work on the North Saskatchewan River Horizonatal Directional Drill (HDD) is ongoing and pipe has been pulled at the Wedgewood Creek and 50th St HDD sites, completing two of the thirteen HDDs in the area. A fourth trenchless crossing, the Highway 14 HDD, is scheduled to begin soon, with the entry and exit sites being currently prepared for construction.

Trenchless crossings, like these allow us to safely cross underneath watercourse crossings, railways, highways, major roads, sensitive environmental areas and in places with restricted workspace, such as some urban areas. They greatly mitigate the impacts to normal daily activities and traffic circulation patterns, and minimize or eliminate ground disturbance.

As we enter springtime, Trans Mountain is following spring breakup protocols for construction. We are demobilizing crews and equipment from some worksites in the Yellowhead region until early May, as melting snow and frost cause the ground to become soft and muddy. Environmental monitoring of sensitive sites will remain in place during spring breakup, in following with Trans Mountain’s Environmental Protection Plans.

SA Energy Group is our Pipeline Contractor responsible for work in Greater Edmonton, and work in the Yellowhead region is being undertaken by Midwest Pipelines.

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