A lot can change in a year – just watch the Westridge Marine Terminal timelapse! We restarted construction a year ago and our crews have made a lot of progress at the terminal. The work taking place is complex and unique, involving hundreds of skilled workers and sophisticated marine equipment.

On the water, crews have completed the installation of 60 of 162 piles and have set seven of 24 prebuilt structures called dolphin jackets. These dolphins are part of the superstructure for the new berths to which vessels will be moored during loading and unloading. Berths 1 and 2 will take place first and are anticipated to be in-service December 2022, while the construction of Berth 3 will continue into the following year.

The circular cells you can see at the bottom of the screen will form the foundation of the foreshore expansion. Thirteen of 21 circular and half cells have now been installed and filled.

You can learn more about the expansion of the Westridge Marine Terminal and see the work still to come by watching our animation here