Construction activities are ramping up in Alberta, with work now underway in Yellowhead. The work includes four pump stations and Spread 2 pipeline construction, which is 285 kilometres of pipeline construction beginning in the western part of Parkland County and extends to west of Hinton.

Right-of-way clearing is ongoing in Spread 2 and preparation work that has taken place there includes environmental surveys, surveying and staking, and implementing the mitigation measures outlined in our environmental protection plans. Work has also taken place at three pump stations in this spread and crews will resume work there this spring.

Trans Mountain re-started construction on the Project in August 2019 and work is now underway at Burnaby Terminal, Westridge Marine Terminal, Edmonton Terminal, Kamloops Terminal, Spread 1 (Greater Edmonton), Spread 2 (Yellowhead) and at pump stations in British Columbia and Alberta. Our contractors have been doing everything possible to be ready to start construction in the other areas as soon as possible.

Many regulatory and commercial steps need to be completed before we can get shovels in the ground in a particular area, including fulfilling environmental and safety requirements, mobilizing contractors, distributing notifications and ensuring we’ve met all our pre-construction conditions. We will commence construction in a particular segment once we have acquired the associated permits and permissions.

The majority of hiring for the Project will be done by the contractors responsible for building the pipeline and facilities and interested applicants are encouraged to submit resumes directly to the selected contractors for their area of interest.

Our Spread 2 pipeline General Construction Contractor is Midwest Pipelines and the contractor building our Pump Stations is Cord

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