As part of our efforts to provide open and timely information, we regularly answer email and phone inquiries from the public. In 2019, on average, we received 180 unique calls and emails every month. Here are the most frequently asked questions from this past year.

I’m interested in working on the Expansion Project. How do I apply?

The majority of hiring for the Project will be done by the contractors responsible for building the pipeline and facilities and interested applicants are encouraged to submit their resumes directly to the selected contractors for their area of interest. You can view a list of the contractors, including their contact information, here.

You can also register for potential employment opportunities and sign up to receive updates on recruitment for the Expansion Project on our website here.

Find current career opportunities with Trans Mountain, here.

Our company would like to supply goods to the Expansion Project. How do we get on your vendor list?

Contractors, hired directly by Trans Mountain, will largely conduct the procurement of goods and services for Project construction. Trans Mountain and the selected contractors will work closely to identify the existing business capacities that reside in the Indigenous, local and regional communities along the Project corridor.

Businesses are encouraged to contact the selected contractors directly to inquire about available procurement opportunities. You can view a list of the contractors, including their contact information here.

You can also register your business with our online registry here.

When is construction going to start?

Construction on the Expansion Project has already started!

On August 22, 2019, Trans Mountain officially re-started construction with work underway at the Westridge Marine Terminal, Burnaby Terminal and at pump stations in Alberta. The work includes site preparation activities, in-water construction of new shipping berths, foreshore extension work and facility upgrades.

On December 3, 2019, we kicked off pipeline construction in Greater Edmonton and the first section of pipe went into the ground on December 16.  Construction is expected to begin shortly in the Yellowhead region of Alberta, as crews are finishing up pre-construction activities and environmental surveys in that area.

How do I find out what activity is going on in my area?

Our interactive map is a great tool to use to monitor active and future construction related activities and can be found here

When you visit the map you can also sign up to receive community specific updates by clicking on the green “Request updates” button.

If you haven't already, you can subscribe to receive our weekly e-newsletter, Trans Mountain Today, by clicking here. We also share construction photos and stories on Facebook.

How can you be constructing when the route hasn’t been determined yet and you don’t have all your permits?

The detailed route Trans Mountain filed with the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) is divided into segments which require approval of the Commission of the CER (Commission). Landowners and interested persons had the opportunity to file a Statement of Opposition (SOO) and where a valid SOO is filed that demonstrates a material change in circumstance related to the best possible route of the pipeline, the most appropriate methods of construction or timing of construction, the Commission will grant a new detailed route hearing, resume a previous hearing or review a previously issued decision, as applicable.

As the Commission issues decisions on SOOs, it is also able to approve the detailed route. To date, 581 km of the detailed route has been approved. You can view the status of detailed route approvals on the CER’s website.

Permitting is an iterative process and different permits are required at different stages of construction. As we move forward with the Project, we will continue our ongoing process of seeking and obtaining necessary permits with federal, provincial and municipal permitting authorities. You can view a list of the types of permits required, as well as a table that provides updated information regarding our Project-related permits and status, here.

We’ll continue with construction in the segments that have been approved and will commence construction in a particular segment once we have acquired the associated permits and permissions.

Do you have a question? Email us at [email protected]