In recognition of International Women’s Day, Trans Mountain is excited to share how it is advancing career opportunities for Indigenous women along our pipeline corridor. #choosetochallenge

In October 2020, Trans Mountain launched a Project Management Extension Certificate program for Indigenous women from communities along the pipeline corridor.

This one-year virtual program – offered through Mount Royal University in Calgary – was created as a result of high interest expressed by women who were keen on developing their project management skills to support their current careers and advance their knowledge. The program provides transferrable skills training that can be implemented in diverse areas such as new construction, environmental remediation, infrastructure projects, and more. Participants also have the valuable opportunity to work with a mentor to support their career development and networking circles.

"When Mount Royal University was approached with the unique opportunity to provide a tailored training experience to Indigenous women, I was personally very excited to be involved,” said Matt Luik, Mount Royal University Instructor. “With participants being geographically dispersed and all of us working virtually, we set out to create a true learning community where learnings and challenges could be shared, and successes celebrated. The program is built around the University's online Project Management Extension Certificate, but is augmented with guided learning sessions every week. At the time of writing, we have just started our third project management course and I have been encouraged and inspired to see the hard work, dedication and positive attitude all of the women have demonstrated.”

This year, there are 24 Indigenous women enrolled in the program, all from communities along the pipeline corridor and from different career backgrounds including security, information technology, business administration, human resources, environmental monitoring, construction and supply chain.

“We have seen resilience, strength and friendships emerge through the course and some perfect scores and creativity on assignments or tests. We are also grateful to the women on our team who are mentoring the participants, as well as the instructors and facilitators at Mount Royal University who have offered ongoing support to each participant,” said Marianne Fox, Lead Employment and Training, Trans Mountain. “Many of the women participating in this course are working full time or part time, while raising children and supporting extended family members – all during a pandemic. At the beginning of the course, some women expressed concern about adding academic courses to their already busy schedule, but had a strong desire to participate and succeed and they have risen to the challenge.”

This program is part of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project education and training initiatives and aligns with our goal of building sustainable, respectful relationships with Indigenous communities. As the Project continues, we remain committed to working collaboratively with educational institutions to deliver training to community members that builds capacity and develops career paths.