The Blue River Community Garden is a food-producing oasis in the heart of Blue River, British Columbia. It is an inviting and inclusive space where community members and seasonal residents of all ages and backgrounds feel welcome and comfortable. Since 2018, the community garden has grown extensively, with 30 active volunteers tending to an abundance of vegetables and fruit for harvesting, and they needed a new water system to keep up with the demand.

Trans Mountain is a proud sponsor of the new Garden Watering Project for the Blue River Community Garden. This includes a new four-sprinkler set with a moisture-sensitive and WIFI-controlled timer. Drip lines will be installed where needed to assist future growth.

The community garden is an extension of the Blue River Elementary School’s indoor garden and is used as an outdoor classroom for children to learn the value of hard work and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Lee Onslow, Blue River Community Garden Coordinator and students.

“The goal of our garden is simply to teach the children basic gardening techniques. This includes planning, building and seeding our garden; using tools safely and correctly; learning about the weather and the use of grow lights and how they affect the growth cycle of each plant. As well, the students learn the nutritional needs of the plants throughout the growing cycle; plant identification and structure; Indigenous plants and their uses; harvesting; nutrition education; economics (by selling seedlings in the spring to community members) and philanthropy (by donating plants to the Blue River Community Garden). The Blue River Elementary School’s garden is growing young minds!” said Lee Onslow, the Blue River Community Garden Coordinator.

“It’s amazing to see the growth of this community garden. It started as a tennis court and now has grown to 40 garden boxes, a large flower garden and vines. Trans Mountain is proud to support environmental and educational programming in Blue River. This community garden will help build future leaders and environmental champions in their community,” said Lexa Hobenshield, Manager of Lower Mainland and Community Investment.

To learn more about Blue River’s Community Garden, visit its Facebook page here.

Trans Mountain’s Community Investment Program continues to fund positive legacies in the communities where we live and work. If you are involved in a local community organization looking for support, have a look at the funding criteria and encourage your eligible organization to apply for funding here.