Trans Mountain was a participating sponsor and planning committee member for the recent Clean Pacific conference on August 17–18, 2021. This year's conference was done in a hybrid format with the in-person portion taking place in Renton, Washington and the rest held virtually. The Clean Pacific conference is a spill response event that focuses on emergency response for marine and freshwater oil spills. The conference explores many aspects of spill response and provides a forum for the review of case studies and emerging new best practices related to government policy, emergency planning and the application of new response technologies.

Trans Mountain has been a contributing member to the conference planning committee since 2015, where we assisted with the initiative: The Pacific States – British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force. This year, Trans Mountain’s Emergency Management team was involved in many aspects of the conference, including an on-demand session with guest speaker Tina Donald, Chair of the Emergency Management Subcommittee for the Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee (IAMC) for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and existing pipeline. The session focused on the tremendous partnership between the committee and industry since its formation in 2018.

Clean Pacific brings together the tight-knit response community in the Western United States and Canada to address spill prevention, response and remediation matters pertinent to that region’s environmental sensitivities. The goal of Clean Pacific is to deliver a valuable event that covers region-specific issues facing the Western United States and Canada and to offer a forum to help cultivate the relationships that are crucial before, during or after a response.