Just below the surface is a network of buried infrastructure – this could be a water line, a pipeline that transports oil or natural gas, or cables and wires for telecommunications. You could unintentionally damage these utilities and create a risk to your safety and the public’s if you don’t take the proper precautions.

One Call is a free service that fulfills requests to locate and identify buried infrastructure on your property. It should always be the first step before you start any landscaping or home improvement project that involves ground disturbance.

You can submit a request to locate underground infrastructure by contacting your local One Call service by phone or visiting clickbeforeyoudig.com. When submitting your One Call ticket, you will need to provide:

  • Name, location and contact information
  • Start date of ground disturbance
  • Overview and duration of the project
  • How deep you’ll be disturbing the ground

Once you’ve placed your request, Trans Mountain will receive the ticket giving notice of the project and determine if our pipeline is near your site.

If your project is located near the pipeline, Trans Mountain will contact you and provide further information on how to proceed with your project safely.

Test Your Safe Digging Knowledge for a Chance to Win a Tablet!

April is Safe Digging Month, an important industry-wide initiative to raise awareness about safe digging practices that can improve personal safety and reduce damage to underground infrastructure.

For this year’s campaign, we’ve put together a short quiz about safe digging and how to prevent underground infrastructure damage. By taking just a few minutes to test your safe digging knowledge you’ll be entered for a chance to win a tablet!

Take the quiz here.

Please read and review the terms and conditions before entering.