As cleanup and recovery efforts due to the recent heavy rain events continue across BC and Washington state, it’s important to remember to Click or Call Before You Dig.

Before beginning any ground disturbance or cleanup activity ̶ no matter the size of the project ̶ be sure you know what’s below. Some utilities may be located just centimetres below the surface, so placing a locate request to identify any underground infrastructure should always be your first step.

One Call is a free service that keeps you and your community safe. Every time you dig in the ground, there's a risk you could hit a water or sewer line, a gas or oil pipeline, or an electricity or telecommunications line. Whether you’re cleaning out a drainage ditch, replacing fence posts or trenching, place a One Call request online at or call your local One Call centre at the numbers listed below.

In BC call 1.800.474.6886

In Washington state call 811

In Alberta call 1.800.242.3447

If you’re located in BC, you can request an emergency locate before trenching or cleanup by calling BC 1 Call. For more information, please visit BC 1 Call website.

When you make a locate request through your local One Call centre, a ticket is assigned and member companies who may have buried infrastructure within your dig area, including Trans Mountain, are informed. To learn more about the lifecycle of a One Call ticket click here.