Fence installation and replacement are two of the most frequent ground disturbance activities that cause risks to underground utilities. The installation of new fence posts by pounding them in the ground could puncture underground utilities and the removal of fence posts can change the underground integrity of the soil covering the underground utilities. Accidentally hitting an underground utility is more than just inconvenient – it can result in damage to property, injury or can even be fatal.

One of the many reasons fences need repair is due to problems caused by weather. So maybe you're planning to fix that section of fence that fell down a few months back during a winter windstorm, you’re making repairs on some livestock fencing or perhaps you're finally motivated to plot out some space in your backyard to plant a summer garden that requires a fence. ­If so, it’s important to use your free, local One Call service by clicking or calling before you dig to identify any underground utilities.

Clicking or calling before you dig is an essential part of replacing a fence, even if you plan on putting the fence posts in the same areas as before. This applies to contractors, homeowners and even agricultural landowners using livestock fencing.

Placing a One Call is free and can ultimately save your life. Accidentally contacting hidden underground power lines, gas lines, conduits or pipelines can result in damage to property, cause injury and can even be fatal. In BC and Alberta, a minimum of three working days and in Washington state, a minimum of two working days' notice is required to your local one call in advance of any ground disturbance project.

Ensure you are placing a One Call request online at clickbeforeyoudig.com or call your local One Call centre at the numbers listed below.