Sarah Elliott, a Health and Safety student at the University of Alberta, worked as an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) summer student with the Expansion Project. Sarah spent her summer out in the field all the way from Westridge Marine Terminal to Edmonton Terminal.

What did you enjoy most about your experience?

Students are provided hands-on experience in professions we have studied, giving us the opportunity to use the new skills we’ve learned in a mentoring environment.

How was your experience with mentorship and training during your work term?

I was integrated into the team just like any other person hired and they coached me on their dynamic so I could find my way without being given the answers. The mentors are empowering and respectful. I was treated as an equal on the team rather than an intern.

What skills have you used or developed during your time at Trans Mountain?

Skills included public speaking, problem-solving and finding a faster or more efficient way to do something.

How has this guided your career plans as you transition from school to the workforce?

The networking opportunities from colleagues inviting me to meet their connections at other oil and gas companies and learning how one can work in the OH&S industry, either as a consultant or an employee, guided my decisions. I’ve been empowered by learning to create a Health & Safety career path that will be best suited for me personally. It starts at Trans Mountain.