Recently, construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project has been very active in the BC Interior where Surerus Murphy Joint Venture, the contractor responsible for work in the region, has been working simultaneously in many areas at various stages of pipeline construction from Black Pines to Kamloops.

Near Black Pines, the main focus over the past few months has been the Jamieson Road and Jamieson Creek bores, which have both been completed. Clearing, grading and trenching and pipe installation has also been taking place in the Black Pines community and will continue over the coming months.

Crews have also begun clearing for the Black Pines transmission line, which will provide power to the new Black Pines Pump Station which is also currently under construction.

A lot of work has been taking place in the area above Westsyde Road and crews will continue to be busy into the summer months. This work is primarily traditional pipeline construction, with clearing, grading, trenching, pipe installation and backfill work ongoing.

Crews in the Lac du Bois area have been using specialized techniques for steep slope construction as well as conventional pipeline construction techniques throughout the area. The construction team anticipates beginning the Ord Road steep slope installation in the coming 6-8 weeks.

Near the Kamloops airport the horizontal directional drill crossing of the Thompson River was completed in December 2020, with clean up in the area now complete. Going forward, crews will now be focusing their efforts on pipeline construction along Tranquille Road adjacent to the airport property.

In Kenna Cartwright Park, construction work on the south side of the park is complete with work ongoing on the north side. Blasting, welding and pipe installation will all continue in the area into the summer months with an emphasis on pipe welding, coating and installation.

You can find out more about construction activities taking place in the area, or near you, on our interactive map.