Work on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project continues with construction progressing at our Edmonton Terminal, which is now more than 50 per cent complete.

As part of the Expansion Project, we’re adding four new storage tanks, bringing the total to 39.

The new tanks have been constructed and the hydro testing has been completed. Hydro testing is the process of checking for leaks and ensuring all components are fully operational.

Currently, crews are installing external piping on all new tanks. The inside of the tanks is being cleaned in preparation for the internal coating of the tank floor and the first 1.2 metres of the walls.

West Tank Utility Area Manifold pipe and valves installed and Tank 1 in the Background

Tank 2 – Crews installing Fire Protection Piping

Tank 3 and Tank 4 – Crews prepping to install Fire Protection Piping

The new tanks will add approximately 970,000 bbl of capacity to Edmonton Terminal for a total of 9.0 million bbl.

As part of the Expansion Project, we are installing a new manifold interconnectivity to connect existing tanks to the new pipeline and a new electrical substation to power the new infrastructure. The new manifold was delivered this summer.

Manifold being delivered

Trans Mountain has a sophisticated fire suppression system at our terminals. As part of the expansion of the Edmonton Terminal, the system will be further enhanced which includes:

  • Firewater pond, accessible year-round
  • On-site storage of fire-suppression foam concentrate
  • Full site water and foam coverage via a system of pumps, hoses, trucks hydrants, sprinklers and cannons
  • Access to additional manpower, foam concentrate and foam cannons through the Strathcona District Municipal Aid Program

We test the fire equipment regularly to ensure it will be fully functional if there’s an emergency. As an entity regulated by the Canada Energy Regulator (CER), the Edmonton Terminal is required to adhere to the codes and standards of the National Fire Protection Association. Find out more about our enhanced emergency management planning here.

Currently, 71 per cent of the West Tank Area Fire Protection piping has been installed around the new tanks and 59 per cent of the new concrete has been poured.

The contractor responsible for work on the Edmonton Terminal portion of the Expansion Project is Cord.

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