A new water access point is now available for Abbotsford residents in the areas of Sumas Mountain that fall outside the municipal service zone. Trans Mountain and the City of Abbotsford have partnered to build a new facility that is now a publicly available water fill station.

With the support of a $400,000 investment from Trans Mountain, the new water station became operational on June 1, 2021 and is accessible for local residents outside the municipal service area to obtain water. Located on the east side of Sumas Mountain Road, the station also provides Trans Mountain with access to water to top up fire-protection ponds at its Sumas Terminal.

"The City of Abbotsford and Abbotsford City Council gratefully acknowledge Trans Mountain's commitment to establishing this new community fill station, which will serve many local Sumas Mountain residents who currently live outside of our municipal service area," said Henry Braun, Mayor of Abbotsford. "Trans Mountain continues to be a strong community partner for Abbotsford and we look forward to working closely with them as the Expansion Project continues through our community."

A vehicle pullout and access-controlled water fill station allows users to obtain City water at the regular industrial rate. Managed by the City of Abbotsford, this program provides residents in the area who are currently only able to use well water systems or who pay for private water delivery to supplement their supply with consistent access to City water. It also provides an additional supply option for Abbotsford contractors who require access to bulk water.

“Trans Mountain has been a member of the Abbotsford and Sumas community for many years and we value the positive relationships we have built with the City and those who live and work near our pipeline and facilities,” said Ian Anderson, President and CEO, Trans Mountain Corporation. “This water access point is a great example of how we took an identified need Trans Mountain had as part of our Expansion Project and through our relationship with the City, found a way we could turn it into a lasting, sustainable legacy for the community.”

Trans Mountain Corporation operates Canada’s only pipeline system transporting oil products to the West Coast and has more than 65 years of operational and safety excellence. Part of Trans Mountain’s terminal safety program is to maintain fire ponds, which augments safety and emergency protection for neighbours. As water evaporates, it is important that water levels are maintained through refilling the ponds when necessary.

The City of Abbotsford is part of Trans Mountain’s Fraser Valley construction spread that includes approximately 70 kilometres of pipeline construction, 84 trenchless crossings, 12 special-project areas requiring modified construction techniques and the expansion of Sumas Terminal.

This agreement between Trans Mountain and the City of Abbotsford is in addition to a $1.3-million Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) with the City of Abbotsford that will go towards the revitalization of the city-owned Ledgeview Golf Course.