While our pipeline remains shut down as a precautionary response to the BC flooding event, our Trans Mountain and Expansion Project teams work around the clock to safely restart the pipeline.

In addition to the restart efforts, our teams on the ground are assisting with transportation, fuel, food and water supplies, supplying necessary equipment, and substantial road-clearing and bridge-building efforts to connect communities that are/were completely cut off due to the flooding and landslides.

Coquihalla Hope

Trans Mountain and the Expansion Project contractors responsible for this area - Kiewit, Bonatti, and Macro, assisted the District of Hope, Indigenous communities and local organizations by helicoptering in and delivering supplies such as food, water, and blankets. Last week, all Highways leading into Hope were blocked by landslides and flooding, which stranded travellers in the community – more than 600 individuals stayed in temporary shelters organized by the District of Hope. Ten volunteers were provided to help at these temporary shelters.

Expansion contractor crews worked with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure through their maintenance contractor, Emil Anderson, to clear Highway 1 and Highway 5 landslides and repair culverts in the Hope region. This work helped to open up the Highway system, and the stranded travellers staying at Hope’s temporary shelters were able to go home on November 17 and 18.

Late November 16th, a call came in for urgent help to assist at the Barrowtown Pump Station in Sumas. Three Macro trucks and drivers jumped to action and were at the site with sandbags and lock blocks within a few minutes. They worked all night to help save the pump station.

Macro truck at Barrowtown Pump Station

For reference, the Barrowtown Pump Station is a critical piece of infrastructure that ensures the Sumas Lake doesn’t reform. It was close to failure, which would be catastrophic for the region.

BC Interior

Over the weekend, Trans Mountain and one of the Expansion Project contractors, Surerus Murphy Joint Venture, assisted Indigenous communities in the Merritt region.

Newly installed matting to gain access to one of the Coldwater Band reserves

Expansion Project crews installed matting to open up road access for stranded Coldwater Band members. They also delivered a pallet of water.

On Saturday, contractor crews delivered food, water and supplies along with a 10,000 watt portable light plant/generator and 100 gallons of fuel to the Nooaitch Indian Band. They expressed their gratitude in an external post here.

(Left) Crew members at No Frills in Merritt (Right) Delivering supplies to Lower Nicola Indian Band

Our team also worked with Romeo and Consuelo Villanueva, from No Frills in Merritt, who generously donated all of their fresh produce. Our teams delivered these supplies to the Lower Nicola Indian Band.