In 2020, we were all challenged to adapt, innovate and progress through adversity. Through these challenging times, we’re grateful to have been able to provide more than $255,000 in financial and in-kind contributions to more than 100 organizations in 39 communities in Alberta, British Columbia and Washington state. Together we sought to give back where we live and work – creating stronger communities, with a particular focus on environmental stewardship, community well-being and education – all pillars of our Community Investment Program.

In November 2020, we also held the largest employee-led United Way campaign in Trans Mountain’s history, committing approximately $140,000 to support important local causes in our communities. We are very proud of our workforce and their commitment to supporting our communities.

Are you involved in a local community organization looking for support or interested in learning more about our Community Investment Program?

Trans Mountain’s Community Investment Program funds positive legacies in the communities where we live and work – in Alberta, British Columbia and Washington state. You can learn more about our commitment to creating stronger communities and apply for funding directly here.

We’re thankful to the many volunteer-led organizations working to make a difference in our communities. Here are a few of the causes we supported in 2020:

Community Food Banks

Food insecurity was a challenge faced by many this year as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Trans Mountain made donations throughout the year to local food banks all along our pipeline and marine corridor.

BC Wildlife Park's Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre

Trans Mountain provided the BC Wildlife Park's Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre with funds to support the Wildlife Health Centre and the Burrowing Owl captive breeding program. The BC Wildlife Park is assisting Trans Mountain snake salvage in the BC interior and providing hibernaculum during the winter hibernation period. The BC Wildlife Park's Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre is a specialized hospital and rehabilitation facility dedicated not only to providing veterinary services for the resident animals of the BC Wildlife Park, but also to injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife in British Columbia.

Juan de Fuca Salmon Restoration Society

For the past six years, Trans Mountain has supported the volunteer-run Juan de Fuca Salmon Restoration Society, which maintains a salmon interpretive centre and demonstration hatchery on the Charters River near the community of Sooke, British Columbia. The society’s salmon education program is a big hit with teachers and students who arrive by the busload, particularly in autumn when chinook salmon leave the ocean and migrate up the river on their spawning run.

Chilliwack Give-A-Thon

Trans Mountain participated in the Chilliwack Give-A-Thon virtual event, which helped raise funds and rally businesses to support 13 local not-for-profit and charitable organizations affected by COVID-19. Chilliwack is home to a large number of hardworking non-profit organizations that provide valuable and important services to the community such as reducing poverty and building social connectiveness.

Dream Casters Society

Dream Casters Society provides recreational fishing experiences for children and adults whose opportunities in life are limited due to medical or personal circumstance. Trans Mountain supported this program, which provides recreational therapy and removes barriers to participation for underserved populations, including first responders affected by Operational Stress Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Mission Possible

Mission Possible addresses barriers to employment by providing supportive, transitional employment for those who are ready to enter or re-enter the workforce. Trans Mountain supported the Employment Readiness Program, which offers training and transitional supportive development. Mission Possible also offers employment services, coaching and weekly community meals in Vancouver’s downtown eastside.


Trans Mountain supported Yellowhead Community Services and School District 73 to enhance their local literacy programs in the BC Interior. Raise-a-Reader is an annual event that supports communities with Literacy Outreach Programs and facilitates literacy services for all ages. All funds are matched by the Province of British Columbia.

Seabird Island Band Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative

Trans Mountain supported the Seabird Island Band Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative in Agassiz, BC. The Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative is a capacity building-based program that strives to increase interest and to develop the foundational skills of finance, business and resource management. Its focus is to encourage youth to further their studies in strategic areas, enabling them to contribute to the socio-economic development of their community.

T’Sou-ke Nation Traditional Plant Research

Trans Mountain provided funding towards T’Souke Traditional Plant Research Project in Sooke, BC. T’Sou-ke Nation is re-establishing connections with culturally important native plant species cultivated and stewarded by T'Sou-ke for food, medicine and technology over millennia. This research will help T’Sou-ke communicate past, current and future interests in native plant species and their habitats to federal, provincial and local governments during land and resource management decision-making. This research promotes the institutional recognition of Indigenous ways of being and knowing, as well as recognition of and adherence to Indigenous legal orders with regards to culturally important plants and plant habitats.