Today, construction is underway and progressing along the Trans Mountain Expansion Project with close to 8,000 people working in communities across British Columbia and Alberta.

Claims made through the media with regards to a “four-month stop work order on pipeline construction” are false.

Trans Mountain was issued a compliance order by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) after an inspector was alerted to a hummingbird nest found nearby construction activity in the Brunette River area of Burnaby, BC. The Order applies to the specific “work package,” which is an area covering approximately 1,000 metres of private land between the Trans-Canada Highway and a rail corridor and restricts certain construction activities. Trans Mountain will proceed with any work within the 1,000-metre area not subject to restrictions of the Order. Work on the Expansion Project continues in all other regions and areas of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia and in Alberta.

Trans Mountain is engaging with regulators to review our federally approved environmental programs and mitigation measures in place to prevent disturbance to migratory birds during the nesting period.

Trans Mountain is working with ECCC to determine when work in the area subject to the Order can recommence. We are confident all of our approved environmental mitigation procedures are effective and will seek to have the restrictions under the Order lifted as soon as appropriate and according to the law.

Claims of increased Expansion Project costs related to the work restriction in this segment of Burnaby are unfounded. There has been no change to Trans Mountain’s projected completion date for the Expansion Project of December 2022.