In Canada, placing a One Call locate request prior to performing a ground disturbance near a federally regulated pipeline is required by law. Ground disturbance may include activities such as digging post holes, excavating for a building foundation or driving vehicles and equipment outside of a roadway.

How Do I Know Where the Pipeline is?

Trans Mountain’s pipelines are located within a clear stretch of land called a right-of-way, which allows our workers to access our pipeline for inspections, maintenance and emergencies.

The right-of-way, which is typically 18 metres (60 feet) wide, can be identified by pipeline markers located along the pipeline route and at road and railroad crossings. Pipeline markers provide important safety information, such as the type of product carried, the local One Call number and Trans Mountain’s 24-Hour Emergency Notification Line. Right-of-way pipeline markers do not provide an exact location and are in place only to help indicate that an underground pipeline is in the area.

If you live or work near a pipeline, it’s important to know who to call, what permissions you might need and what to do if something goes wrong. Safety and damage prevention start with just one click or call. Locate requests are free and are made by contacting the provincial one call centres:

Types of One Call Tickets

When you place a One Call, you have three main ticket options to choose from based on the nature and timeline of your project: Planning and Design, Regular or Routine and Emergency Locate.

When submitting your One Call ticket, you will need to provide:

  • Name, location and contact information
  • Start date of ground disturbance
  • Overview and duration of the project
  • How deep you’ll be disturbing the ground

Once you’ve placed your request, Trans Mountain will receive the ticket giving notice of the project and determine if our pipeline is near your site. If your project is located near the pipeline, Trans Mountain will contact you and provide further information on how to proceed with your project safely.

Safety is important 365 days of the year. Know what’s below and remind friends and loved ones to do the same. Click or call before you dig.