In early November, Trans Mountain hosted a full-scale exercise to practice and demonstrate spill response in Edmonton, Alberta as part of our ongoing commitment to safety and emergency preparedness. The exercise included an off-site fully staffed Incident Command Post (ICP) consisting of several agencies, Indigenous groups and first responders, including Parkland County, Alberta Emergency Management Agency, Alberta Health Services and the Canadian Energy Regulator, which participated alongside Trans Mountain personnel. This was the first full-scale in-person ICP emergency exercise with attendees from local agencies, stakeholders and first responders since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the year, Trans Mountain conducts more than 20 emergency exercises at locations along the pipeline. Evaluated by regulatory agencies, the exercises allow responders to practice deployment procedures under a variety of environmental conditions. The full-scale exercise provided an opportunity for participants to practice our Alberta District Geographic Response Plan, working collaboratively to share knowledge, train together and improve current procedures.

Trans Mountain is required to have an Emergency Management Program that anticipates, prevents, manages and mitigates conditions during the unlikely event of an emergency. We continue to regularly practice these coordinated response plans with our partners to ensure we are prepared to respond effectively and efficiently should an emergency occur.