In October 2021, Trans Mountain conducted a spill deployment exercise on the North Thompson River in Kamloops, BC. As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and emergency preparedness, Trans Mountain ensures our employees receive the training necessary to protect themselves, the public, local communities and the environment during an incident.

Responders assist in moving a deployed boom into position.

The purpose of this event was to confirm Trans Mountain’s oil spill response capabilities through the deployment of response equipment into a large river system. The exercise was also used to validate deployment strategies found within the Kamloops District Geographic Response Plan. The Trans Mountain-led deployment included the use of response boats, containment boom and anchor systems deployed within the North Thompson River and positioned to contain/recover product and protect the shoreline.

Decontamination station setup for responders leaving the North Thompson River response area.

Each of Trans Mountain’s spill deployment exercises consist of an equipment training day, followed by the exercise deployment day. The training day focuses on the use of response equipment, including safe handling practices, and provides responders with an opportunity to refamiliarize themselves with various instream deployment strategies.

Responders work together to unload boom equipment in preparation for the exercise.