Trans Mountain is proud to announce a joint initiative with Transport Canada to create lifejacket libraries for more than 30 West Coast Indigenous communities.

These libraries loan lifejackets donated by Trans Mountain to community members of all ages and sizes to enjoy water-based activities safely. This initiative supports Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety mandate to educate boaters and save lives by using the proper equipment, gaining the knowledge and respect for our water environment and wearing lifejackets for water-based activities.

The program aims to make sure recreational users understand and follow the regulations for boating and other activities like kayaking, jet skiing, standup paddleboarding and fishing and also contributes to Trans Mountain's compliance with BC EAO Condition 11 - Indigenous Marine Public Outreach.

“Given our local frigid waters, wearing a lifejacket can help save a person's life in the event of an emergency,” said Allan Planes, Boating Safety Officer, Transport Canada.

​​​​​​Trans Mountain has been celebrating Safe Boating Week since 2015. In consultation with marine stakeholders, Trans Mountain developed content to summarize Transport Canada's Collision Regulations, essentially the "rules of the road," but on the water. This was done to ensure marine safety, including boating safety in the presence of deep draft commercial vessels (i.e., tankers).

Trans Mountain actively supports the Pacific Pilotage Authority (PPA) and Transport Canada's work to raise awareness about boating safety in the vicinity of large commercial vessels. Members of the Expansion Project have been in close contact with the marine community highlighting several technical and procedural safety precautions for small craft operators on our local marine waterways.