To promote safe digging in the United States, August 11 is recognized as 811 Day. Every US state has a law requiring operators, contractors, farmers, ranchers, and homeowners to call the National 811 service before excavating or altering the elevation of their property.

To maintain the integrity of the Puget Sound Pipeline system and prevent pipeline damage, Trans Mountain's Puget Sound Pipeline Protection team responds to incoming 811 notifications. In 2022, the team responded to 288 notifications from the 811 service. Responding to an 811 notification takes one to two days on average. Trans Mountain also educates those who live or work near the pipeline about safe digging practices and the company’s requirements while promoting the 811 service. These strategies help prevent underground infrastructure damage and ensure public and environmental safety.

“Placing a locate request is a simple step you don't want to miss when starting any ground disturbance work,” says Todd Pleadwell, Supervisor of Operations, Puget Sound District. “It just takes a few minutes to call 811, even if you believe you would be exempt under state dig regulations or that your project is minor and won't harm anything. It’s important to keep yourself and those around you safe while protecting the pipeline.”

On a going basis, the Puget Sound Pipeline Protection team maintains 69 miles (111 kilometers) of the Trans Mountain pipeline through inspections, safeguards and reporting on its integrity.

Everyone working near a pipeline shares responsibility for its safety. Every day, safety is crucial. Know what lies underneath, urge others to do the same and always click or call before you dig. 

811 days, Washington state