Trans Mountain’s Green Hand Program, developed in 2021, is a safety initiative for new hires, run by Operations Health and Safety. Aimed at new employees of all ages, the program assists those with limited or no experience and relocated workers who may be exposed to different hazards than their previous workplace. Participants are typically unfamiliar with processes, facilities, job routines, and may be reluctant to ask questions.

The Green Hand Program provides support and outlines safety procedures and hazards on the job. Participants are assigned a mentor who provides regular evaluations, feedback and a final review before the mentee can perform any non-routine work or high-risk activity. The mentoring program helps to prevent incidents and injuries through additional supervision and more intentional on-the-job training.

The program is key to Trans Mountain’s strong safety culture, and sets up new hires for a long, safe and successful career.

Dylan, a past Green Hand Program participant, stated the initiative was a great opportunity to have an experienced mentor provide in-depth knowledge about the job, Trans Mountain and its safety culture.

Read more about mentee Dylan’s experience and learnings from the program below.

What activities did you complete with your mentor?

  • Performing routine facility checks
  • Performing monthly checks and tasks
  • Tank gauging and tank thiefing
  • Scraper tool loading and launching
  • Sampling crude and products
  • Understanding meter runs, booster pumps, valves and relief systems
  • Recognizing abnormal operator conditions
  • Learning about the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) and Letters of Intent
  • Lockout tagout procedures

What skills have you developed in the Green Hand Program? What will you apply in future work environments?

I have developed many skills through the Green Hand Program, including the ability to troubleshoot and identify issues with equipment to ensure safe and effective operations. I have also developed good communication skills with my team members, supervisors and other departments to coordinate tasks and report on equipment statuses.

In the future, I hope to apply my problem-solving skills, technical skills, communication abilities and commitment to team success to create a positive working environment.

How did the program impact your overall safety knowledge?

Participating in the Green Hand Program has increased my overall safety knowledge and raised my awareness about various safety situations and measures. Participating in this program has created a safer environment for myself and those around me.