This past spring, Trans Mountain conducted two emergency response exercises in Bellingham, Washington as part of our commitment to safety and emergency preparedness. Practicing our emergency plans ensures our employees receive the training necessary to protect themselves, the public, local communities and the environment during the rare case of an emergency. We coordinate training and exercise plans with key stakeholders and communities where we operate, in varying seasons, locations and scenarios.

Laurel Station Fire Response Exercise

In May, we conducted an emergency exercise at our Laurel Station in Bellingham. The exercise allowed Trans Mountain personnel to develop and enhance response skills by practicing the Laurel Station Fire Pre-Plan in a simulated storage tank fire. The training focused on safely and effectively deploying fire suppression equipment. Participants demonstrated a safe and efficient response and the exercise was deemed a success.

Spill Deployment Emergency Exercise

At the end of May, we conducted a two day on-water emergency equipment exercise on Friday Creek at Donovan Park. Exercise participants deployed equipment for containment and recovery of simulated released product within a watercourse under high-flow conditions. Exercises consisted of a response equipment training day followed by a deployment day focused on safe handling techniques. By employing spill response equipment during these exercises, our response personnel practiced and refreshed their training in an authentic water setting.

To request participation in an upcoming exercise or to have your community considered as an exercise location, email [email protected] and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.